Liv Yoga studio

Share in the practice and healing benefits of yoga, cultivating strength and awareness, peace and community



Liv Yoga studio offers a beautiful and inclusive space to explore movement in your body, stillness in your mind and openness in your heart.

Share in the practice and healing benefits of yoga, cultivating strength and awareness, peace and community – one breath at a time.

« Liv » your yoga.



Liv Yoga is located in the heart of Verdun, in a bright and beautifully restored, historical building. Easily accessible and centrally located on Wellington (corner Willibrord); surrounded by cafes, shops, restaurants and bars, near public transportation with easy access to major autoroutes.

Liv Yoga offers a variety of daily classes and private massage with a wide range of membership options.

Practice Styles

Liv Flow


A vigorous and dynamic, vinyasa based sequence of postures for practitioners with some familiarity of hatha.

This practice focuses on synchronizing breath with rhythmic and fluid movement. Expect to be challenged and revitalized.

Liv Yoga


An accessible sequence of postures (asanas) that prioritizes alignment and slower transitions to build strength and stamina; using the breath to steady your mind as you hold the postures.

Liv Community


A ‘Liv Yoga’ hatha practice at a reduced rate, to promote community and make the practice even more accessible.

Liv Yin


This practice is to create space and suppleness throughout your body.

This will help with injury prevention and for joint health.

There will be long holds, conscious breathing and meditative quality through the class in order to restore energy and calm the nervous system.

Liv Flow Kundalini

NEW to Liv!

A Kundalini yoga practice, sometimes mixed with a flow, other times with a yin. The theme will follow the cyclical nature of the moment.
Expect to step out of your comfort zone, to a mix of breathing, dynamic movements, sometimes gentle and deep relaxation. 
This style combines modernity and tradition, the subtle and the tangible, softness and power, authenticity and inclusivity. 

Liv Calm


Come share our space early in the morning to cultivate your seated practice.

This unguided 30 minutes is allocated for members and non members alike.


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« Liv » your yoga.


4468 Wellington #201
Verdun (QC) H4G 1W5

(514) 303-0616