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*For safety/security purposes, we have a limit of 12 people per class, so it is essential that you register before the class – no walk-in will be allowed. If you cannot make it, please withdraw your name at least 1 hour before the class to make room for another. If you do not show up or remove your name from the registration, you will be charged for the class.


Map of park for select summer classes
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Liv Yoga

An accessible sequence of postures (asanas) that prioritizes alignment and slower transitions to build strength and stamina; using the breath to steady your mind as you hold the postures.

Liv Flow

A vigorous and dynamic, vinyasa based sequence of postures for practitioners with some familiarity of hatha. This practice focuses on synchronizing breath with rhythmic and fluid movement. 

Liv Core

A strengthening and sculpting, total body and core conditioning practice, targeting a specific area of the body, each week. Expect to sweat!

Liv Calm

Group meditation to help cultivate your seated practice. Learn to see each moment as a fresh new opportunity to begin again with greater clarity; returning to breath and ‘beginners mind’.

Liv Community

A ‘Liv Yoga’ (hatha) practice at a reduced rate, to promote community and make the practice even more accessible.

Liv Yin

This practice is to create space and suppleness throughout your body. This will help with injury prevention and for joint health. There will be long holds, conscious breathing and meditative quality through the class in order to restore energy and calm the nervous system.

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